Karlheinz Jahnke Goldsmiths
Box 1611, 150B Morison Ave.
Parksville, BC
V9P 2H5 Canada
Telephone: 250-248-4402
Email: kalle@bcsupernet.com

Karlheinz Jahnke was born in 1953 in Bochum, Germany. He grew up in one of Europe's major conurbations, the Ruhr area of Germany. At a young age he was introduced to working with metals in a drop forge factory. Being immersed in the intensely loud and hot environment of the forge, he watched the glowing molten steel transform into fascinating arrangements. The barrier of noise allowed for the opportunity to meditate and listen intensely to his creative inner voice.

The dark, noisy, smoky surroundings made him yearn for brightness. Karlheinz understood the industrial process was closely related to the age-old art of the goldsmith. With this inspiration and his creative skill he embarked upon his journey to be a goldsmith.

In the initial stage of the designing a piece of jewelry considerations take place. Karlheinz embraces these moments with the intention of tapping into his creativity and ingenuity. He brings forth his talents and passion to transform the materials into individual treasures unique to any other. He regards this process to be essential to the shaping of the gold works he creates in his studio.

The alluring gold and its sister metals incorporate fundamental sculptural design to form the goldsmith's original artwork. The diverse and unique characteristics of each individual design used by Karlheinz form the common trait that binds one to the other. Curves of beauty, grace and force evolve emphasizing the reflective angular surfaces. Fine gems are applied to perfectly complement the metal outline creating a balanced elegance that is perfectly poignant.

Karlheinz Jahnke
Certified Goldsmith,
Parksville, British Columbia, Canada


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